Unfold (2019)

Unfold was a collaborative evening-length work performed at Dance Foundry in Decatur, GA in 2019.

Created by Spriggs in collaboration with performers Leo Briggs, Susannah Green, Maria McNiece, Emma Morris, and Carly Wynans

UNFOLD is a dance theater work exploring self, history, and community. Each of the collaborating performers, along with choreographic director Samantha Spriggs, delves deeply into their lives, identities, relationships and memories in order to share their experiences with the audience as witness. Through a combination of subtle gesture, physical contact, spoken text, expansive movement phrases, quiet introspection, and structured improvisation, these humans work together to communicate their stories to one another and the audience, and bring their true selves to the forefront of the work.

Dress Rehearsal Photos by Cavessi Art.

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